General information about our cricketclub

Mixed Cricket Club „Hengelo”, founded in 1954. At the moment we have two teams with a mixture of young & not-so-young players who enjoy playing the King of Sports! We have our own clubhouse, cricket pitch and practice net. Click here for directions.

Both teams play league cricket all over the country. We have a mix of Dutch players and players from all around the cricketing world.

We are also looking to have our junior members play against other clubs in the East of The Netherlands so more junior members are very welcome!

Mixed Cricket Club „Hengelo” is a friendly club, always looking for players to strengthen its squad, so that cricket can prosper in the region.

Interested in playing?

The best thing to do is to come to one of our practice sessions (click here for information about practice sessions) or to come to one of our matches (most Sundays from halfway through April until halfway through September from 11:00 or 12:00). If you want to be sure we're there, contact us beforehand. Click here for the location of our ground and contact information.

Of course it's free of charge to join in some practice sessions before you decide to join.

The membership fees are low compared to other sports in The Netherlands and if you're only here for a part of the cricket season, we can adjust the costs accordingly. For senior members it's €140 per season and €9,- per match. You pay for an estimated number of matches in advance and after the season we'll send an invoice if you play more and we'll reimburse you if you play fewer matches than anticipated.

Click here to sign up for membership.

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