5th June 2016: Hengelo 1 won by 7 wickets, by Edoardo Mazzi

On a sunny day, Hengelo 1 got their third win in a row to keep alive their aspirations to promote to the second class. The home side of HMS had no chance against Hengelo 1, who won by 7 wickets without much difficulty.

After a pleasant journey by car, thanks to the guys of Hengelo 2, and with nice weather to play cricket, Hengelo’s first XI were ready to take the field. Rahim’s idea at the toss was to bat first and to play all 40 overs available and make a good score on quite a small ground, considering also the last games in which the target to be reached was rather small. Unfortunately the toss was won by the home team and they elected to bat first (a result which pleased Hengelo 1 as they realised that the pitch would be tricky to bat on). For Hengelo, Rahim (2/23 in 8) and Safi (1/21 in 7) opened the bowling. They bowled very well using their stock ball to contain runs and variations to remove the HMS opening batsmen. Rahim bowled the first opponent batsman in the 7th over with 22 runs on the scoreboard for HMS. The rest of the batsmen did not show much resistance during the innings, losing wickets regularly. Febin and Phrithivi replaced the opening bowlers with great spells, finishing with 9 runs in 5 overs and 4 runs in 4 overs and 2 wickets respectively. Only Jawalapersad scored boundaries and was the only batsman with more than 10 runs for HMS, helped by a bit of relaxation of the away team and also by the use of spinners for Hengelo. Anirudh and Edoardo, in fact, in the middle overs of the first innings conceded some runs but took a combined 4 wickets (2 each). The highest scorer for the home side, the Hengelo extras (37), allowed HMS to reach 98 runs all out in 38 overs. A very good first innings for Hengelo with a lot of excellent overs, but with a little too many extras mostly at the end of the innings, otherwise it would have been a perfect innings.

With less than 2.5 runs per over required to win the game, Hengelo opened the batting with the specialist Abhishek and Anirudh, promoted to open the innings considering his ability and the absence of Erik. The beginning was very aggressive with 7 runs in the first over, but unfortunately both the opening batsmen were out after 5 overs for 30 runs. As in the previous matches, Adithya (25) joined Edoardo (41*) at the crease and batted till the 17th over, with 79 runs scored for Hengelo. The mixture of Adithya’s aggression and Edoardo’s patience was too much for HMS, who tried to use very slow bowlers [very, very, very slow bowlers - editor] to mislead Hengelo’s batsmen and defend their score. Krishna helped Edoardo to score the last runs and to allow Hengelo to bring home two more points.

Another convincing victory for Hengelo 1, who can approach the next games with confidence without fear of any opponent. This match was also a special day for Edoardo who finishes his season for Hengelo in advance to return to Italy, surely taking with him great memories and new friends.

Grazie a tutti e a presto! (Thank you and see you soon!)