26 June 2016: Hengelo 2 won by 30 runs, by Aditya Narayanan

Catches win matches; an adage we taught the Hercules team on the 26th of June. The match started with Raghu’s usual loss of the toss, but as a first, Hengelo was put in to bat. Diederik and I opened and put up a quick 32 runs, thanks mainly to his attacking batting. However we were dismissed soon after; Diederik cutting into point’s hands and me with my infamous slog sweep. Johan who came in next was in the mood for some cricket coaching… catching practice in particular. The Hercules team badly needed it, dropping Johan not twice, not thrice, not even four but five times. All these mistakes helped Johan score 32 runs after which he was finally caught. Shyam and Raghu also provided decent support, scoring 13 and 14 respectively. Despite being out, I was able to make another contribution to the first innings by giving Christian LBW for a ball that would have bounced over the stumps. 125 was on the board, a respectful total considering the length of the grass and Raghu’s full use of the rope when laying the boundary.

The second innings started badly for Hercules with Sreejesh and John taking 4 quick wickets. With just 31 runs on the board it looked like a collapse was on the cards. However their star batsman, who also plays first class, M. Zwinkels was still at the crease. A mistimed shot off Diederik’s bowling and a brilliant catch by me (that resulted in bleeding fingers) saw him return for just a single run. It looked like the beers would be opened in 15 minutes. J. Durrani and M. Naqvi, however, did not like that idea and started forming a partnership. A missed stumping by Johan and 30 runs later the situation started to get worrying for Hengelo; two set batsmen and only 40 runs to go. John got a breakthrough, however, and Hercules were quickly bowled out for 94.