3rd July 2016: Hengelo 1 won by 89 runs, by Adriaan Poffers

Before the match:
Regular readers will be aware that our first team makes use of public transport to reach the desired destination for an away game. But in this case it was deemed unnecessary to bring the kit-bag with us. Apparently it was thought that there would not be much batting done anyway! During the train trip we were treated with a view of some heavy showers so everybody was anxious to know if there would be a repeat of last week’s water polo games [namely the very wet game at Quick Nijmegen - editor]. On arrival at the Hilversum ground it was immediately apparent that there were large puddles with water on the playing area. But without further ado it was decided that we would start at 1:30 anyway [pending another inspection by the captains - editor]. So bring your swimsuit on! Luckily for us, the Hilversum captain decided that we could have a bat first!

1st innings: MCC Hengelo 1 all out for 155 after 32.3 overs

Hengelo batting: Anirudhan 45, Safi 16, Krishna and Adithya 15, Deepak 12, Mr. Extra 35
Hilversum bowling: J. Bruins 3/52, S. Dhairyavan 2/19, E. Kummer 2/19 and A. Gangadharan 2/23

Apparently the prospect of fielding in some very wet surroundings was a rather appetizing prospect for our top-order batsmen. After 13 overs, 6 of them had already been dismissed (mostly of their own making) and we were reeling on 56/6. Luckily for us, Anirudhan and Krishna got us back on track with a valuable 74-run partnership. Krishna, playing in perfect Test-Match-mode, and Anirudhan, showing the required aggression, lifted our total to respectable heights. After the dismissal of both of them in a short space of time it was left to Safi to produce a typical whirl-wind display that yielded him 16 valuable runs. Unfortunately he was dismissed with almost 8 overs to go. Excitement and a great catch from the Hilversum fielder Korde got the better of him. So, there was the opportunity for me to block the remaining 8 overs of this game. But Rahim thought that this prospect was not very appetising for the public and he ended the innings prematurely after only 32.3 overs.

2nd innings: Hilversum 1 all out for 66 after 19.1 overs!

Hilversum batting: S. Dhairyavan 18, G. Pluchino 10, Mr. Extra 20
Hengelo bowling: Rahim 3/22, Prithvi 2/12, Safi 2/16, Anirudhan 1/3, Febin 1/9 and 1 run-out
Hengelo fielding: Deepak 1 catch and Adriaan 3 catches + 1 stumping

Hilversum had seen a very good example of how to bat and they decided to follow it perfectly. For the viewers I shall try to describe how a good batting collapse goes:

J. Dillam got a gift from Rahim that he easily deposited to square leg for 4. The next short ball was more difficult to pull but the chatty Hilversum keeper tried it anyway. Deepak T, however, judged the ball very well and took a good catch to send the first Hilversum batsman packing. (6/1)

 D. Hent was the next to go. Although Safi was not as consistent as he ought to be, he produced several very good balls. This one clipping the pad before disappearing into the wicket. (12/2)

 A. Gangadharan was, to his own amazement, given out caught behind. And even I am now still not quite sure if the ball grazed the bat very thinly or not. But the score was 14/3 anyway and Safi had his second wicket in the books.

 H. Goosen got a ball that moved ever so slightly away from him but he was playing the wrong line anyway. And that resulted in clattering stumps, much to Rahim’s delight. (24/4)

 J. Bruins was the most sought-after wicket of the 2nd innings. Rahim produced an excellent yorker that just slipped under the bat and that was the end of that. (25/5)

 G. Pluchino offered some much needed resistance but he dismissed himself by playing the ball firmly into his own wicket. Just rewards for some steady bowling from Febin! (49/6)

 P. Abhishek was very unfortunate that his colleague decided to ignore his call of “NO”. But with both batsmen stranded at the same end, Febin tried his best to make the run-out as difficult as possible. He was fully stretched on the ground and could barely reach the stumps but just about broke them before one of the batsman was in sight again. (58/7)

 J. Sridhar was batting nicely out of his ground to the quicker men. He obviously thought that there was no risk attached to this. But after missing a nice Prithivi delivery, the batsman decided there was still no reason to retreat. A nice underarm throw demolished the stumps and the batsman had, to his own surprise, make way for a new MCC Hengelo victim. (58/8)

 G. Korde nicked a regular Prithvi delivery nicely at knee height in to my awaiting gloves. I had only to move a little to my right to take a very comfortable and special catch. This was my 100th catch in league matches for MCC Hengelo. [congratulations on achieving this milestone Adriaan, may you have many more - editor] (60/9)

 S. Dhairyavan had so far given us the most resistance, but with the score on 66 he got a thick edge off the bowling of Anirudhan to give me my 3rd catch of the game. (66 all out)