17 July 2016: Hengelo 2 won by 6 runs, by Mika Dullaart

1st innings: MCC Hengelo 2 scored 146 runs in 40 overs
Before the game, Raghu actually won the toss for once and we got to bat first, which was nice. The opening was good with some good early runs but unfortunately, that ended in the fifth over with the dismissal of Aditya. Soon after, in the next over, came the dismissal of Diederik. Although they went out a bit on the fast side, it didn’t matter much because we had a good follow up with Johan’s 16, which was the 3rd highest score (not counting Mr. Extra of course, which totalled 40 wides). After scoring 16 runs though, Johan got caught. After that an old familiar face came out to bat, Stuart had returned to us for this game and batted very well. He started a bit slow with 8 singles but after that he got a boundary, a double and a single and got caught, landing him 15 runs. Raghu had the idea to try the same as Stuart, to start with all singles. Raghu had 7 singles, after that a boundary followed by 4 singles, a double and another 2 singles and unfortunately got bowled and finished with a score of 21 runs, which was the most runs not counting Mr. Extra of course. After that it took a while before the runs started to come again. Unfortunately, Yawar only got 3 runs (still more than me though) before getting bowled. John got a bit of a better score, though it was not his best batting with 6 runs. Then, Sreejesh totally disagreed with the way we were batting and thought it was needed to get a bit more boundaries and wanted to be the top scorer. With 4 boundaries and 3 singles he was on his way to beat the highest score 21 but he got bowled on 19 runs. Then it was to the last of us to bat the final overs and by that I mean Ian and me. We batted the game out with little runs to our name but we batted with Mr Extra to get 8 more runs in 2 overs. Ian ended with a total of 2 runs not out and I ended with a grand total of zero runs to my name not out.

2nd innings: Zwolle 140 all out
We made it a bit too close for my liking unfortunately. Also thanks to me a little because as a keeper I dropped some catches, although in the end I did catch one. We started off with some good bowling with some early wickets from Sreejesh and Shisode. This led us to believe we could win this game easily, although we were proven wrong when their keeper [H. Jafari – editor] came in and started pushing singles and got their score back up and we were getting a bit scared that we might lose. When we got him out it took us 2 wickets, which were taken by John (who bowled them both with beautiful yorkers), to get back in the game but then a big hitter came in and it got close for us. He managed to get the score very high again and it got very tense and we needed to get him out, which we couldn't do in the end. Luckily they also had other batsman that we could get out and we did with another wicket for John and one from Shisode. The game was finished by a great ball from Diederik that was LBW that had to be given, even though the umpire really, really, really didn't want to give it. Also I have to mention that there was a bit of an argument over the correct rules because the last umpire gave a no-ball for Diederik having his arms folded in the field, which as you all know, I hope, is not a rule!