21st May 2017: VRA 4 won by 61 runs, by Akshay Patil

It was perfect cricketing weather in Amsterdam, Warm and Sunny! Hengelo 1 captain A. Sridhar won the toss and decided to put the home team to bat first. For the home team, T. Spits and J. Rajendran opened the innings. But they had to go back to the dressing room soon, as J. Kloppenburg, opening bowler from Hengelo 1 showed his magical bowling skills and claimed their wickets. With 2 wickets down for 39 runs, home team needed a solid partnership to put some runs on the board but they failed to do so, as Hengelo 1 bowler V. Gadoo got the wicket of well-set batsman R.Bhatt (20 runs). When home team was in serious danger S. Sherzad (62 runs) with the support of A. Kumar (18 runs) and A. Pandey (26 runs) got partnerships of 59 runs and 78 runs for 4th and 5th wicket respectively. These big partnerships were well supported by the poor bowling of Hengelo 1 bowler A. Patil [appreciate the modesty - Editor], who played his first game of the season, and bowled too many extra deliveries (6-0-53-0). J. Kloppenburg (7.5-1-21-4) and V. Gadoo (8-1-45-3) bowled on target with good support from A. Chandrasekaran (8-1-31-1) and E. Jong (6-0-28-1). Hengelo 1 missed to grab on to catches and the support from one extra bowler. Hence, ended up with a target of 205 runs to chase down, to win the game.

In the 2nd innings, after lunch Hengelo 1 batsmen were put to test their batting skills. For Hengelo 1, A. Talele and N. Safi opened the innings. Batsmen started really well by scoring at least a boundary every two overs. But A. Talele (18 runs) lost his concentration and got bowled. With 31-1 on board,  Hengelo 1 needed a good partnership from the new batsman E. Jong and N Safi, but both batsmen had something else in their mind and both got out scoring 8 and 10 runs respectively. Hengelo 1’s scorecard read 42-3 in 9 overs. Next to bat was the in-form P. Chodimella along with A. Sridhar. But in the 10th over A. Sridhar lost his cool, tried to go big and got out with adding only 1 run to the scoreboard. Next batsman N. Malhotra playing his first game ever for Hengelo 1, played some unfamiliar shots to cricketing world and manged to score 8 runs. But poor call for a quick single cost him his wicket. Hengelo 1 was already 5 wickets down with 59 runs on the board. As Hengelo was struggling to get its 1st decent partnership, P. Chodimella nicked one to the wicket keeper and had to go back scoring just 12 runs. Next batsman in, A. Chandrasekaran tried to go big and got caught out scoring only 8 runs. Hengelo 1’s next batting pair P.R. Duraisingam (19) and J. Kloppenburg (18) put on a partnership worth 38 runs, but it was too late. In the end V. Gadoo and A. Patil played some big shots before V. Gadoo (14) got bowled trying to hit big again. Hengelo 1 were all out for 144 runs with the help of 24 extras [top scorer of the innings - Editor].

It was a good overall performance from the home team in all 3 departments while Hengelo 1 did the exact opposite and ended up as the losing side. From now onwards, Hengelo 1 needs to improve in all departments, avoid bowling extras, get good partnerships and last but not the least hold on to the catches.