18 June 2017: Almere Alligators 1 won by 8 wickets, by Chodimella Venkata Pramod

Sunday, 18th of June, 2017 was a perfect day for cricket but not for Hengelo 1 though. Infact this game can be given a caption “How to lose a match or drop a catch-lose a match” from the visitors perspective. Hengelo 1 team travelled to Almere for their match against Almere Alligators 1. The host team won the toss and chose to field.  Hengelo 1 unsettled with the opening batsmen pair, sent John this time as a batting partner with regular opener Abhishek.  The visitors had a decent start with both openers playing aggressively finding a boundary every over. When the score was on 46 in the 7th over, John was bowled by Harish. Later, E. de Jong joined Abhishek but could not survive long and got caught at mid-off (~long off) when he was at the score of 10. Later, Pramod arrived at the crease and played a few shots. Both the batsmen played well to make a partnership of 55 before Pramod caught by the keeper trying to sweep a slow delivery of Q. Naeem. At this moment, Hengelo 1 team looked comfortable with 128 for 3 after 19 overs.  Then comes the famous Hengelo team collapse. The batsmen really did not show any interest to stay in the crease. V. Gadoo, P.R. Duraisingam and the captain A. Sridhar were clean bowled in the span of 3 overs.  However, Abhishek played decently finding an occasional boundary until the drinks break at the end of 26 overs.  But very next over after drinks, Abhishek could not execute the plan discussed during the break and played a needless shot which exposed his lack of temperament. However, he made 74 showing some signs of form. The tail of Hengelo 1 was finished quickly as the team was all out for 184 in 28 overs which was one of the poorest batting displays of Hengelo that could not play complete innings of 40 overs.

After having lunch, Hengelo 1 started their bowling but for some reason players seemed to have no energy and activeness on the field. E. de Jong dropped a simple catch of Fazal Bajwa in the very first over of the innings started by V. Gadoo. Both the batsman played aggressively almost clearing the fence every over.  The team finally found their first wicket in the form of Uashif Mumtaz who was bowled by K. Birader when the team score was on 113 in 17 overs. T. Bajwa replaced Mumtaz and made a decent knock of 43 before being caught by E. de Jong at the boundary in A.Sridhar’s bowling who bowled the subsequent over as the only maiden in the entire innings. Another catching opportunity was created but this time captain A. Sridhar dropped another straight forward catch at long on. However, it was too late for the visitors to try for a win and ended up on the losing side as the hosts chased down the target in 27 overs. However, there were two positive outcomes of the match from Hengelo’s point of view, Abhishek seemed to have found his form and the Akshay did not bowl a single wide in his 2 over spell.