10 May 2015, Gelre won by 30 runs, by Aditya Narayanan

Sunday, the 10th of May looked like a perfect day for Hengelo 1 to continue their winning streak as league champions. The Hengelo players were itching for a nice long match and "Buienradar" indicated that they would get one. After winning the toss, Hengelo elected to field first, hoping the ground drying throughout the day would lead to a faster outfield.

In the very first over, Rahim bowled the opener for a duck. Pramod, not to be outdone, did the same to the other Gelre opener in the second over. The headache this caused Gelre was nothing in comparison to what happened two overs later…a hat-trick by Pramod. It was almost a double hat-trick (meaning four wickets in four balls). A. Karipullige played a reckless pull, which fell just short of the author at midwicket. The very next ball produced yet another wicket, leaving Gelre flailing at 20 for 6. Within the next few overs, Pramod and Abhishek picked up a wicket each. At 30 for 9, it looked like the match would be over within an hour. However with cricket being as unpredictable as it is, the ninth and tenth wickets fell only after 77 and 49 runs respectively were added to the total. Extremely effective batting by A. Karipullige with Dravidesque blocking by the tail-enders pushed the Gelre total to 156.

156 seemed like a chase-able total, but the infamous Hengelo batting collapse [Hengelo 1 to be precise - editor] reared its ugly head once again. The home team collapsed with just 126 runs on the board, 30 runs short of the target. The only contribution of note was John Kloppenburg’s 24 not out.