Both pitches need major maintenance for the new season. Saterday 17th of April we will be maintaining both pitches and your help is needed! Please come and support from 09.30 hours onwards, eithe rwith the pitches or any of the other needed work at the clubhouse.

When the weather permits, we can practice outside again, taking into account the relevant guidelines regarding Covid-19.

AGM 27th of March 2021


 Pitch maintenance


 Pactice 2021


You are very welcome to train with us without any obligation and to see if cricket is something for you!

 You want to participate?

The General Meeting of Members of the Mixed Cricket Club Hengelo was held on March 27, 2021. Of course, because of the Covid-19, the AGM was not held in the club house but via Zoom. Nevertheless, it was easy to follow and the board was able to account for the past year and the budget for 2021 was also approved, which included significant expenditure on the maintenance of the club house.

 Covid-19 update 9 maart


At the corona pressconference on Monday evening, March 8, the cabinet announced some relaxation. For example, group sports for young people and young adults up to and including 26 years old is allowed from Wednesday 3 March. Not in a competition context, but with your own team within your own club. In addition, sports from the age of 27 are also allowed, but there are rules attached to this.

Athletes up to the age of 26 are allowed to play sports at the sports facility as a team and without having to observe the 1.5 meters distance. In addition, municipalities may organize sports activities at other locations; athletes from the age of 27 are allowed to exercise outside in sports facilities with a maximum of four people together. The condition is that they keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Several groups of up to 4 people can exercise on a field at the same time, provided they move clearly as separate groups. For all sports, the number of athletes and supervisors per sports activity is not greater than necessary for the sports activity; after the sports activity, everyone must leave the sports accommodation as soon as possible.

During the General Members Meeting of the Mixed Cricket Club Hengelo it was decided to carry out a major renovation of the clubhouse. In view of the investment that this requires, we try to do some of this ourselves. It is now likely that we will be executing this work in the week commencing the 26th of July. Everyone is requested to see if you can schedule a number days this week to support. The more people join in, the easier the task will be. We look forward to your support.

Maintenance clubhouse