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MCC Hengelo has been established on the 1st of May 1954 as part of the Mixed Hockey en Cricket Club Hengelo. The cricket en hockey departments of MHCC Hengelo have been located at Sport accomodation Veldwijk until the end of 2000. Both clubs than moved to the new Sports accomodation Slangenbeek and ultimately the cricket has established the current wholy owned accomodation in 2008.


The club currently has about 45 members and has 2 active teams in the Dutch KNCB competition. The first team plays in the "overgangs leage" whilst the second team is competing in the third league.


Everyone is welcome to visit our club, if you are interested to join us for  a practice you are welcome to join us without any commitment. 


50 year cricket in Hengelo


When we celebrated our 50-years anniversary in 2004 Roelof Kruijshoop reviewed the history of our club and has pulled this together with lots of pictures and stories on a CD. Below you will find a compilation of all the pictures and stories which Roelof has been able to retrieve of our club history.

Diederik Neeb

chairman MCC Hengelo